Retail research projects (a-journal publications)

The Sales Impact of Using Handheld Scanning: Evidence from the Field

(Grewal, D., S. Noble, C.-P. Ahlbom, and J. Nordfält, 2020,  Journal of Marketing Research)

In-Store Mobile Phone Use and Customer Shopping Behavior: Evidence from the Field 

(Grewal, D, C-P Ahlbom, L Beitelspacher, S Noble, and J Nordfält, 2018, Journal of Marketing)

An Empirical Analysis of the Joint Effects of Shoppers’ Goals and Attribute Display on Shoppers’ Evaluations

(Guha, A., A Biswas, D Grewal, S. Bhomwick and J. Nordfält 2018,  Journal of Marketing)

The future of in-store technology

(Grewal, D, S. Noble, A. Roggeveen, and J Nordfält, 2020, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science)

Reframing the Discount with a Comparison to the Sale Price: Does It Make the Discount More Attractive?

(Guha, A., A. Biswas, D. Grewal, S. Verma, S. Banerjee, and J Nordfält, 2018, Journal of Marketing Research)

MORE research...

Here are some selected projects and a little about their background. 

Three truths about my research philosophy:

ONE. I see myself as a retailer with a scientific toolbox, not the other way around. I always start my research projects with a practical question. This does not mean that I can't enjoy theoretical or qualitative research. It is quite the opposite actually. However, the research I do is quite practical and normative. TWO. I listen to my gut feeling and try to follow it. By doing what I think is interesting and relevant I ensure that I can work hard on my projects. If I find it hard to see the relevance in a project; or if I do not think it is interesting I often drop it. I almost always work in teams and it is often I who take the first steps in new projects. I like finding practically relevant problems and make the initial tests before the other tetam members get involved. THREE. I am a strong believer in triangulation in the sense that I do not want my research result to be dependent on a single data source. With multiple studies and multiple data sources I think you get more reliable results. This might be especially important if you work with field studies.
Jens Nordfält
On this site I am trying to share my research (research where I have participated in the creation) as well as giving some background on the projects. I also try to give anyone interested an idea of where my thoughts come from and what my point of departure as a researcher is. I consider myself to be very fortunate to be able to explore something that I am really interested in. Moreover, I do this together with people and companies that I really like. Honestly I think I have created my own fortune but at the same time I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunities and met with the people that I have. Without the help of numerous people and organisations I would not be where I am today.

Ongoing projects


I am involved in a series of studies all going under the common acronym PLEND (path, landmark, edge, node, & district). The purpose of these studies is to study the role of the physical store in a digital world.

Sensory projection

In this project we study the effects of sensory projectors, adding projected films, sound and scent on shopping behaviour.

In-store music

This project involves large field studies and a meta analysis of in-store music and its effects on shopper behaviour.

Does the music and the image seem incongruent to you? In the project we found that if music is congruent with your mind set or shopping goal, then music enhances sales. If the shopping environment is not congruent with your mindset, then music will decrease the sales.

A fascinating project that hopefully soon is published.

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Here you can find research that has had a great influence on my thinking. I have tried to limit it and make a somewhat even number of references per decade. In some cases it is individual papers that have meant a lot to me. In other cases it could be an academic, a course or a whole life’s effort by someone.

My inspiration from practice

It is not only academia that has served as a source of inspiration for me over the years. Various retailers and other organisations too, have made great impact on me and my way of doing what I do. In this section I will try to give an overview of the practical encounters I have made that has meant a lot to me.



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