Early work

Early books

I started as a PhD student at Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) in 1998. During my time as a PhD student I wrote a book chapter in book with my supervisor Magnus Söderlund as editor. The books title was "I huvudet på kunden" (Swedish for "In the head of the customer"). After that my first own publication was my thesis. At SSE a doctoral is printed.


LATER work

In-store marketing

After my Ph D I wanted to write a compilation of all the published retail field experiments I could find. I felt there was a great need for a book that could bridge academic studies and retail practise. The book was called “Marknadsföring i butik” (“In-store marketing” in English) and was published in Swedish in 2007 and it was awarded the prize “Marketing book of the year” in Sweden.  

An international edition

Four years after the Swedish edition was published I decided it was time for an international edition. By that time I had understood that a book can be like a better version of a business card, everything you say gets a reliability boost if you can back it up with a book. At this time many of the companies I was working with were acting outside of Sweden so I really needed my book in English. An updated version of In-store marketing was therefore published in English in 2011 and later in Russian in 2014. 

Review of Marketing Research

So far in my career I had worked hard to understand retailing from a practitioners perspective. I had done several hundred field studies but I had not published that much. Furthermore I was interested in expanding my horizon both geographically and to other kinds of retail beyond grocery retailing.

One step in doing that was to publish a collection of various, previously unpublished field experiments in an edition of the “Review of Marketing Research” called “Shopper marketing and the role of in-store Marketing Vol: 11”.

This publication was one of the first where we managed to make use of some of all the field work that I/we had done. Later the field studies turned out to be a fantastic way of differentiating our research from the wok by many others. It both helped us in selecting relevant topics to study and to showcase the ecological validity of the work when it was being reviewed for possible publication. 

Second Swedish edition of in-store marketing

After publishing some book chapters in books on consumer behaviour and retailing in general it was time for an updated version of the Swedish book. This time with a co+author. My dear friend and colleague Carl-Philip had jumped onboard and we updated the old chapters and included a couple of new ones on digitalisation. The second Swedish edition was published in 2018.