Do Digital Displays Enhance Sales? Role of Retail Format and
Message Content

This research examines the impact of in-store digital displays on retail sales across four different store formats. The results of three field experiments show that sales in hypermarkets are enhanced when digital displays are on. However, in supercenters and supermarkets, having the digital displays on has a minimal effect on sales, and in smaller stores (e.g., convenience stores), the digital displays have a negative impact on sales. A follow-up study confirms that the lift in sales in larger stores when the digital displays are on continues five months after their initial installation, though the lift does diminish somewhat. Furthermore, for the digital display to result in a sales lift, the message content must promote the price.

I am really proud of this research since it was a milestone for me in two perspectives.
Firstly, it was my first really big field experiment. I did it already back in 2006-2007 but it took a long time before I even thought about publishing it. It was a big investment in both time and money for me and for ICA so I was a bit nervous about the result. The results were a big success and eventually digital signage turned into a big business for ICA. Today ICA’s digital signage network is the biggest commercial TV-network in Sweden and it is run on more than 6.000 screens, in more than 500 stores, reaching more than 9 million customers per week in ICA.
Secondly, it became my first ever A-journal publication (ABS 4). To publish in the Journal of Retailing had been a dream for me up until I got this publication. Even if I had done the actual experiments myself I would never even have tried to get it published without Anne and Dhruv so I am very grateful.

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